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hrow toward the dark day, a huge ax in the air into a terrible death storm roll seats and over . "get lost now!"Thundered loudly, flames broke out, it was a strong rotation Tomahawk outbreak fried whole flame billowing into the sky toward the bottom handle ax falling, while Yi Qiong is taking advantage of this MBT Schuhe Kaufen moment to continue to flee toward the front, and MBT Sandalen Damen he to time to recover, if restored, the outcome is still unknown dawn!Just flying out of the realm of ice outside the scope of the month, then there is the possibility of turning over! "won't dieIcy voice, then, numerous Jian Qi Yi Qiong respect towards shrouded down, between the moment, Yi Qiong Suidiao boom bust again, and that terrible air blade is constantly chopping the Yi Qiong body strength outbreak Yi Qiong Jian Qi's body withstand tough cutting reorganization again when dark day also catch up. "I've said that today, you're dead!Nine Xuanbing evil! !Ice cold prison Lan! ! "Crazy frozen breath started to gather, and instantly, freezing cold of the soul, let Yi Qiong body and soul's movements are slowed down, while on the ice in the hands of evil are more refining is merciless cut out a channel deep white Jian Qi, Yi Qiong body's vital energy and blood, are constantly being refined absorbing evil, coupled with an infinite domain of the terrible sword blade in the air constantly undermining Yi Qiong physical reorganization under attack in several re- Hou Yi Qiong forces began to weaken rapidly down. "Ah!!Dark day, you will not have good results, you want this to die?The will is dead you MBT Schuhe have to pull together to die! !Roar! !There Oriental bastard, you lied to me, I just did a ghost will not let you these oriental liar! ! "Sheng sounded angry, Hou Yi Qiong body forces began to swell rapidly, and that this time, the dark figure on the day mixed with quiet blue flame went to the Yi Qiong the front, covered with frost right hand on the fierce Yi Qiong-hand inserted into the chest among those tattered. "Sorry, here, you do not have the right to choose to die
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